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Hello. I’m designing a symmetric metasurface that should induce phase and amplitude changes in reflection. The analysis group is the one mentioned in (
I’ve tried to modify some of the structures in the array, however this seemed to a problem with the analysis group. The error that is being thrown out is “Warning: Source is not clean S or P polarization!”, which indicates to me that the surface splits the input polarisation on top of the phase and amplitude changes that are induced, causing polarisation induced loss. I wish to learn more about the source of this error and what could potentially cause this.


The script assumes the source is purely s- or p-polarized. If you are using a source which has both s- and p-components, the S-parameter is calculated based on the largest of the two components. Please have a look at the actual script of the analysis group in the “Setup” and “Analysis” tab of the object.


Hi skim,

Thank you for your reply. The source is a planewave with 0 degrees in polarisation. So this shouldn’t be a problem unless the surface affects the polarisation of the incoming planewave.



Then the chances are that your structure is not maintaining the polarization state of the incident beam.

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