Metamaterial example

Dear lumerical team,
I am studying the metamaterial example from the kb
from the above page we can see the results of the structure such as transmission and reflection of the structure. Here I have one query why the transmission value is not going upto “1”. at 0.2 THz it is 0.7 transmission but in the paper it is closely to 1 see the atachedd figure.

which point is effecting this transmission?.
kindly let me your comments
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Dear @Nanda

One thing to note is that we use a dielectric with constant refractive index of 3.5 for the substrate. This behaviour will be different than the substrate material used in the experiment (n-GaAs and SI-GaAs). I expect that with a more sophisticated material model results will be similar.


Dear bkhanaliloo,
thank you for your reply,
I checked according to your comment yes it is changed with substrate,

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