Metamaterial Bandpass Filter

I am traying to simululate a bandpassfilter according to thisPaper. Some how my simulation don’t work at all. The transmission and reflective spectrums don’t even show frequencies near the source. I think there is something wrong with the overall setting of my simulation. Because even when I remove my structure the received spectrum doesn’t match the source settings. I really new to this kind of simulations and would appreciate it when someone could give me some tips how I can fix my simulation. Here is the THz_Filter_Cross.fsp (257.8 KB)and for analyzing I am using a slightly modified script from a KB article SSR_Analyse.lsf (3.1 KB).
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I can help you with this. If I am correct the metamaterial bandpass structure is periodic?? Because in the simulation file you have attached it is an isolated structure with PML boundaries. Also, can you let me know the target frequency at which you are trying to achieve the bandpass structure?

Meanwhile, I will take a look at the article you have sent and the files.
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Thank you for your answer.
The characteristic frequency of the structure should be 2THz. I will try to change the boundaries to periodical.
Thanks dominique

Thanks for the information.

I am also noticed that the minimum mesh size was set to 1 micrometer, you can reduce this to 0.2 micron and also change the mesh accuracy to 5 (in the FDTD setting).

You can reduce the simulation size by taking into account the symmetry. Refer to this knowledge base article:

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