Memory requirements in multimode simulations



Again I have an issue with multimode sources in FDTD Solutions. This time it is about the memory requirements and real its usage during simulations.
I tried to simulate a structure with 20 sources (different modes) and when I checked the memory requirements, it showed around 4 GB for meshing and around 3 GB for simulation. In reality the simulation used around 40 GB with peak at the beginning at around 90 GB - I do not have a screenshot for this, but I can provide if necessary.
How to explain this behavior?


Hi Michal,

I did a quick test on my computer and I found that as I use more processes to run the simulation in parallel, slightly more memory was used. It might be that when you split up a simulation into many processes, the full field profile data from the source needs to be sent to each individual process which increases the memory required. As you use more sources, this would also increase the memory required.

To test if this is the reason for the memory requirement being higher than estimated, try running the simulation using only 1 process and let me know how it goes.