MATLAB integration failed

Dear Lumerical,

I just upgraded to MATLAB r2019a and I cannot execute commands in Matlab from Lumerical anymore.
I followed all the steps in, Matlab integration status is green,the ActiveX test worked fine, and I also performed !matlab /regserver.
In Lumerical, I type “matlab(‘1’);”, for example. I see the Matlab command line opening up in the windows taskbar, but then it disappears, and I get the error:

Can not open a connection to MATLAB. You must have a supported version of MATLAB installed to use this feature. Please see the manual for details

I also checked the other two posts on your forum,

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which are not helpful. Can you advise?


Hey @norbert.schoenenberg,

I will gladly look into this for you, but could you first confirm that your license for MATLAB r2019a is configured properly? If you open the r2019a application by itself does it launch correctly or ask for licensing information. Please let me know how it goes, and if you still have trouble I will follow up with the development team to see if there are known issues with this version.


Hi @trobertson,

Thanks for the quick response. Sure, it works fine, the license is activated and working in order. The version is (R2019a) if that makes a difference.

Hey @norbert.schoenenberg,

I could use a bit more information actually to figure this problem out. Do you have other versions of MATLAB installed on this machine? Are they licensed properly as well? What release and version of Lumerical are you using?


Sure. We have the previous version of Matlab still installed, R2015b, which worked fine with Lumerical (incidentally, if I change the Matlab folder in Lumerical to the 2015b version, and do !matlab /regserver again, then the integration works fine). But we don’t want to keep both licenses (unnecessary extra cost) and we require some of the new features developed after 2015b for other purposes.
The Lumerical version is 8.21.1781, release 2019a. Both run on Windows 10 64bit.

Hey @norbert.schoenenberg,

I may have found a workaround, but I would be curious to see if it works for you. On the top tool bar you will see a Resources button. Click on that.

Resources -> Eignesolver tab - Edit (button on the right) -> Resource advanced options -> Job launching preset

Change the option from Microsoft MPI, to Intel MPI. It may require admin privileges. I’ve tested this with a couple builds, and it worked properly. Please let me know how it goes.


Hi @trobertson,

In “Job launching preset” I have local computer, remote: MPICH2, remote: Microsoft MPI, remote: Intel MPI, and “custom”. When I choose either the Intel or Microsoft MPI, the resources tests fail with “CPI test failed: unknown MPI error”. So I always use MPICH2.
This hasn’t given me any problems so far, so I haven’t looked into it (i.e., into why I can’t work with Microsoft or Intel MPIs).