.mat file not getting generated

I’m running the solar_planar.fsp file, for optical simulation initially and then need to use the data for thermal and electrical simulation. In order to export the data, .mat file is required, how do I get it from the optical simulations?
Also the generation visualization I got after running from the generation analysis group is much different from the image shown in the application gallery.


In the solar cell example, the steps to generate .mat file are described.

Run and results

Instructions for running the model and discussion of key results

Step 1: Optical simulation

1.Open and run the solar cell simulation file using FDTD Solutions

2.Right click on “solar_generation” analysis group object and select “Run analysis”. This will calculate the optical generation data and export the data to a file that will be imported into DEVICE.

The solar_generation object calculates the generation rate “G” which can be visualized in the result visualizer. If you set the plot type and parameters accordingly, the same plot as in the application gallery should be obtained.