Manual install of .Net and MPI components



For instances on a Windows computer, where the Product Installation package is unable to install DotNet 3.5 and Microsoft MPI automatically, or an error occurs.

Manually installing DotNet and the MPI components can be done by:

  • Install DotNet 3.5 by turning this feature ON in your computer by opening:
    Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Turn windows feature on and off,
    Check all the options for Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5

  • install Microsoft MPI by opening the folder MSMpi from the Installation folder and running the file, MSMpiSetup.exe

  • install MPICH2 by opening the folder mpich2_x64 from the Installation folder and running the file, mpich2redist_x64.msi

These should install all the necessary software to run the Product.

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