Making use of computational resources for a simulation

Hi @kchow,

Is there a way to dedicate all of the PC RAM for a simulation to be run in the Lumerical MODE ? It’s because my ring design is very large and it takes me 48hrs to complete the simulation. When i checked the system properties of my PC, the simulation doesn’t use all of the RAM and cores. So kindly help me with the same and direct me what to do exactly such that my simulation uses all of my RAM and all cores.


Since this topic does sound like a new discussion, I have created a new one here.

For the varFDTD solver in MODE, it is possible to split the simulation into multiple processes for the machine with multiple cores to take care of. This can be done by setting the appropriate number of processes in the Resource Configuration window.

As far as the RAM goes, it should only use the amount of RAM required to mesh/initiate/run the simulation. So I am not sure if I understand the question.