Making Farfield Incoherent

I simulated OLED Emission with one dipole source. there is mirror like structure which have a tilt in some angle and few micrometer away from dipole source.
Because of this strcuture, Farfield Result shows very strong interference pattern. So I applied temporal incoherence technique to reduce the pattern. however, this techinique doesn’t reduce interference pattern in the dimension of angle(only works along frequency(lambda)). is there any technique to reduce interference pattern in farfield projection?
I attached farfield projection with different coherent time(length)






Did you try the incoherent, isotropic dipoles approach discussed here?

Based on your plots, I suspect there are already some “smoothing” going on in the angle dimension. You can check that by plotting E2 vs angles (line plot) for a particular wavelength over the the tc range that you have tried. That way is easy to conclude if there is anything going on in the angle dimension.

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