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hi, I want to simulate the H field distribution near a resonator. I put a frequency domain monitor near the resonator. I think the monitor gives results assuming the magnitude of the E field is 1. How can I make the monitors assume the magnitude of magnetic field is 1 instead of E field (I mean I want to get the results for magnetic field like the E field result). So basically what I want to see is the enhancement of each frequency component of the incident H field


Did you try doing the excitation using a magnetic dipole instead of electric dipole?? The default of this option has the magnetic field magnitude equal to 1… Can this work for you?


Thank you very much for your answer. Actually I am using a plane wave source and want to set the incident magnetic field amplitude to 1 in order to see the data on the frequency domain monitor without any manipulation.

Now I just divide the data on the frequency domain monitor by the H field magnitude of the plane wave (it is 2.654*10^-3) to get the enhancement factor. Is what I am doing correct? Is there any way to see the enhancement in the H field without any manipulation?


It seems okay and makes sense. But I am not so sure. I think this page can be useful



The source E fields are normalized, meaning that injected E field amplitude=1.

We also know that H=E/Zo and that Zo for free space is ~120*pi

Therefore, if you set the amplitude of your source to be 120*pi, the injected H field amplitude will be 1, allowing for easy H field enhancement measurement.

Of course, Zo=120*pi is valid only for free space. If you use different background index, you have to adjust this accordingly.

Source setup:

H filed in free space as recorded by the field monitor: