Lumerical University- Honor track?



I’m not sure if I’m posting in the right place. I enrolled in a course in Lumerical University a few weeks back. I’ve been working through it. A few days ago, I started having problems. The site keeps logging me out, making it difficult to continue the course. In addition to that, I got a notice saying I am now enrolled in the “honor track” which does not include a certificate when I finish. How can I get back into a normal track?


Inability of getting a Certificate due to Registration in Honer Track
Inability of getting a Certificate due to Registration in Honer Track

Hello @G.sun,

Thank you for reporting this. This behavior was caused by an upgrade to the latest version of Open edX platform. We are currently working on resolving these problem to provide full functionality.
Similarly, the courses indeed offer a certificate in an honor track mode and the current problem should be resolved.

I will post here when all the issues are resolved.


Thank you! That is what I suspected. :smile:


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I am taking one of the new courses provided by Lumerical University. They are really helpful in understanding the details of the software, DEVICE in my case, which helps one in getting more accurate results. I am about to finish the content of one of these courses, but I noticed in the progress section that I have been registered in the Honor track without specifying this option before starting the course.
This issue was discussed before in the Knowledge Exchange without getting a final solution from Lumerical team yet.
I wonder if you are still working on the issue as I still have the same problem.


@mohamedmansour. We are in the final phase of our investigation of this change introduced in the latest version of Open edX.

I will provide an update when it is available. My hope is that I’ll be able to share more this week.


I would like to announce that Lumerical University does not offer course certificates at this moment. Lumerical University is based on the popular edX platform that has decided to retire free honor code track certificates as outlined in this announcement.

Since our goal is to offer valuable free learning materials to all Lumerical users, Lumerical courses are offered in the audit mode only.

We still maintain set of quizzes, exercises and exams that student can use to test their newly obtained knowledge in each course.

You can explore all available courses here.