Lumerical Python Package on Computer Institution

Dear Lumerical Team
We are currently facing some issue when using the python API of FDTD solution on Australia NCI server. On the server, the job currently is first compiled into .fsp file and then submitted in queue. However, this require manually control of the terminal. We were wondering if there is any method that we could use to run the lumerical automatically on the NCI server? More exactly, we would like to submit a series of simulation files, and each file is based on the result of previous one. Does Python API support this on NCI server? Thank you!


Our scripting environment, including the Python or Automation API runs using the CAD/GUI.

If your cluster does not allow graphical connections or opening the FDTD CAD/GUI directly on the compute nodes, I am afraid you will not be able to run scripts.lsf or use the Automation API to integrate your python scripts to run FDTD simulations.

May I refer you to this other KX post for details.