Lumerical MODE stopped working



I had lumerical MODE running with a valid license but now it stopped working.
I have uninstalled it and reïnstalled and also restarted my computer several times.
The license from my university works on lumerical FDTD but MODE still gives the message stopped working.
Does anyone have a solution?
Thank you in advance.


Hello @c_i_vanemmerik. Are you receiving any particular error messages or prompts when trying to run MODE, or advise if performing specific actions may be causing a failure? If so, please feel free to forward any screen captures and details along. Also, if you can assist in providing the version number of the product package we have downloaded/installed, as well as the operating system we are running on, this may help us in troubleshooting and advising what the issue may be. We may require additional information for further investigation, but this would be a good start. Thanks in advance.


Dear reader,
When I start lumerical MODE I obtain the next error on my screen

It is lumerical MODE 7.7.758 for wondows 64 and my operating system is Windows 7 enterprise.
I hope this is enough information for the moment otherwise I will provide additional information.


Hello @c_i_vanemmerik. Thank you for providing the screen capture and additional information. Based on the appcrash report referencing the QTCore4.dll file, I believe this may be a graphics driver-related file which is needed to run the CAD/GUI component. A common cause of graphics-related crashes may be the result of outdated graphics and display drivers. Some information on this is mentioned within the following article:

However, if we believe the system drivers to be optimal, yet the issue persists; this may be due to a corrupt application configuration file. A suggestion we can verify for this case would be to delete (or better to rename and move the file to another temporary directory), and try running the application again. This should force the program to create a new ini file and replace / repair the corrupt or out-dated setting. Another more robust solution would be to delete the ini file, then reinstall the updated application package again, if the solution to remove just the ini file should not work for us. More information on this configuration file, and how to locate it, is covered in the following article:

Please feel free to verify these suggestions at your convenience, and advise whether you may have any questions, or require further assistance. If the issue should persist, please advise and we can troubleshoot further. Thank you.