Lumerical MODE crashes constantly with EXC_CRASH exception


I am trying to simulate tapered rib waveguide in Lumerical MODE, using EME analysis. However, the program keeps crashing with 'EXC_CRASH(SIGABRT) exception. That happened multiple times with different actions causing it ranging from mode convergence sweep, running a simple sweep to determine change in s-parameters vs misalignment to a bizarre case when it just closed without any action taken previously.

I am using Lumerical 2020 R2.4 on MacOS Mojave (10.14.6).

Here’s the report I’m getting after crash. Thanks in advancecrash_report.txt|attachment (97.9 KB)

Hello @marija.radulovic,

I haven’t seen this type of error before, I will have to ask the development team about this. Have you tried reinstalling the software? Also, it looks like your attachment did not work properly, could you please try attaching the image again?

Yes, I have but it keeps crashing. I consulted my lab members and heard that they use 2019b version as it is stable, but I cannot find the download link.

Here’s the file, I hope it uploaded now. crash_report.txt (97.9 KB)
Also, it my worth knowing that the same program works on my Windows computer, so it is definitely some bug.

Hello @marija.radulovic,

Thank you for the crash report. To help us replicate this crash, could you please provide the file causing the crash, and instructions for replicating the crash? A script we can run that results in a crash would be helpful.

Version 2019b is not available, but you can try version 2020a, which you can download on this page by selecting “Previous Release”: