Lumerical FlexLM update required for 2020a release

FlexNet license manager update (v1.13) required for 2020a release


  1. Deactivate your Floating Trusted Storage license first before updating to FlexLM to v1.13
  2. Save your License Files, if you have a Certificate Based License.
  3. Save the LUMERICL.opt file, if you have made reservations or changes to this file.
    Options File - Controlling access to license
  4. Uninstall/remove the current(old) FlexLM from your license server.
  5. Reboot might be required after removal.
  6. Download and install the latest version of FlexLM
  7. For Floating trusted storage license: Activate the same code on the new FlexLM.
    For Certificate base license: Import/install your license file using the FlexLM dashboard
    For command line lmgrd: Run FlexLM lmgrd using your license file.

Floating error: -83

This error indicates that the FlexLM needs to be updated to the latest version.

If obtaining license from a different machine.

If you are accessing the licenses from a different machine;

  • the FlexLM on that machine is the one that needs to be updated.

  • Do not install the latest version of FlexLM on your local computer

Version compatibility

The current license and latest version of FlexLM are compatible with all versions of Lumerical including prior release to 2020a.

Similarly, if the license manager is not updated, the Lumerical Launcher will not detect your licenses. You will see the option to Evaluate, rather than open a New Project. Upgrading the license manager will resolve this issue.