Lumerical DEVICE can not find license - Floating error -18

I just started with the free trial for the Lumerical products. FDTD works fine after I activated the license. Now I have also installed DEVICE on the same laptop and this gives an error on startup (error above).

I’m running Windows 10, 32-bit


So FDTD runs perfectly but can’t get DEVICE to run. Any advice?

edit: Here’s a 2nd screenshot from the license manager. It seems like only FDTD is mentioned and not DEVICE


Are you running a node-locked or network license? For flexlm based license management, sometimes restarting the license manager helps in resolving the issue. You can restart the license manager by the following commands:

Start -> All Programs -> Lumerical -> Lumerical FlexLM -> Stop license server (to stop the license manager)

Start -> All Programs -> Lumerical -> Lumerical FlexLM -> Restart license server (to restart the license manager)

I hope this works. Also check whether you are running the latest release of the applications. This has helped me with license issues in the past.

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Hi llangouc,

Based on the screen shot you provided, you only have license for FDTD Solutions. In order to use DEVICE, you will need a separate license for this Product. To try and evaluate Lumerical Solutions products, you can download the evaluation package from the website.

using the “Evaluate DEVICE” download link on the bottom of the page. (or click here)
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Thank you! This solved my problem. I think I know what went wrong:

When downloading the newest version of Lumerical products the website firsts links you to another webpage where they send you the license and only then let you download the software. I downloaded an older version of DEVICE (32-bit) and here you don’t get linked to the page where they send you the license first but instead you download the software immediately.

I assumed 1 license (I had the FDTD one activated) covered all software but apparently you need a different license for each product and I was missing the DEVICE license.

Thanks again!