lumerical can be used for simulating echelle grating multiplexers

dear all
As we all know,lumerical can be used to simulating complicated photonic structure,such as AWG.Now what I want to know is that whether the lumerical can be used to simulate the echelle grating multiplexers and where can I obtain the information about it.Thanks a lot.

Hi @jbwei

Can you please provide a schematic for echelle grating multiplexers with the dimensions and operation wavelength?
In the mean time some of the imaging applications might be useful for you to review.


dear bkhanaliloo
sorry for replying late.recently I have read some papers about the echelle grating multiplexers and I am just a new learner about the echelle grating multiplexers.In some paper,the owner have used the FDTD method to simulate the grating multiplexers.As it is more complicated than other optical device,I have still learnt about it with my understanding.I hope I can provide a chematic for echelle grating multiplexer after I have totally understood it.If I have more information or question,I will share in this post.