Lumerical 2016年8月系统级仿真软件培训(上海)免费free






The workshop will provide a platform for enhancing knowledge in Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) design using Lumerical INTERCONNECT for new and existing users. INTERCONNECT is a time and frequency domain mixed-signal photonic circuit simulation engine similiar to SPICE, that is specially designed to address effects prevalent in integrated photonics. A hierarchical schematic design environment enables rapid development of complex integrated photonics systems comprised of tens to thousands of elements. Test bench analysis in the frequency and time domain, parameter sweeps, statistical analysis and compact model design and distribution will be taught, using a variety of application examples.


  • Introduction to INTERCONNECT
    1. Fundamentals
    2. Integrated design environment
    3. Element library
    4. Simulation workflow
  • Getting started with s-parameter simulation
    1. Ring resonator
    2. Ring modulator
  • Getting started with transient simulation
    1. Transceiver
  • Interoperability (Layout-driven and Schematic-driven workflows)
  • Compact model library (CML) development
    1. Building CMLs
    2. CML distribution
  • Application examples (as applicable and time dependent)
    1. WDM circuits
    2. Optical switches
    3. Advanced modulation formats
    4. Lasers
    5. Biosensors