建议你做一个简单的文件,比如这个 结构参数等所有设置均相同,但模拟结果不一样 里面的仿真文件。如果这个简单文件也出现问题,那就是安装的问题,你需要彻底卸载,再删除所有与Lumerical有关的文件夹,然后再安装。参见 After the software upgrade, it always stuck 以及里面的连接,特别是Clean Installation的。 你试一下第一个文件看看工作不。当然,如果你一个文件工作,你运行第二个文件时,请在任务管理器中查看内存使用情况,有时是因为内存不够。请分别测试。




@gaodo & @yanfen.zhai

Are you using the latext 2020a R7 release. If not try to do a clean install and use the 2020a R7 release.

  • Do not forget to remove/delete the FDTD Solutions.INI preference files from your machine. (important)

If the issue persist, downgrade to the previous release, 2019b R6 which is still available on our website.

Are both computers in your university? Are they identical machines? i.e. same computer brand and model and have the same components?
Try to check the display adapter on both machines and send us the screenshot.


Hi lyap,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Actually, I want to export a GDS. File from the FDTD solution. However, this seems can be only done by the newest FDTD version. Unfortunately, when I install the Lumerical-2020a, it appears the problem mentioned above.

Yes, both computers are at my university. I think they are not identical machines. Their display adapters are shown below:

Do you have any good suggestions for solving this problem?

Best regards,


(1) try to upgrade to 2020a R7 which is available on our website.

(2) Are you connecting remotely to these machines from your local home computer? If you are connecting via Remote Desktop Connection try to disable bitmap caching:

(3) Otherwise, please try the suggestion from these KX article on Intel Graphics Adapters.

The above article, also provides the documentation from Microsoft (step #4) on how to investigate which application in your machine could be causing other applications from crashing, if applying the other suggestions does not work.


我也出现过这样的问题,但我用比较暴力的方法解决了,重置电脑 :sweat_smile:这真的可以

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Why is there no response again? Even when no other software is running, just open it to see the structure parameters and wait for an hour to respond.


Based on the posts that you have made - this issue seems to be happening and recurring in different intervals. Are you using the same machine as before when you were using the older versions of Lumerical? From your posts the issue with FDTD not responding when you are doing something on the CAD/GUI happened prior to 2020a R7. Then it happened again after sometime.

Try to resolve this by:

  1. Remove the FDTD Solutions.ini or MODE Solutions.ini (preference) files from your machine before opening your simulation file on the new version.

  2. Sometimes Windows updates the drivers and this will break the graphics/display. Try to update the graphics/display drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

  3. Copy the simulation to a new file using the new version that you are using, if you recently updated.

  4. Check if the issue happens to all simulation files. Use the example files from this article.

    • If issue always happens to all simulation files including the examples from the article above - check your machine if there are any hardware of software issues.
    • Have your IT run some diagnostics or check your machine thoroughly.
    • It might need a full system re-install.
    • Ensure that you deactivate your license first prior to any repairs / reformatting / Windows re-installation on your machine, to protect your Academic KX license.


we should choose to add firewall exceptions for Microsoft and Intel

Just use the default options when you run the installation wizard. I believe these are not enabled by default.