Low Loss Plasmonic Waveguide

Hello everyone.
Please give some guidance with a applicable low loss plasmonic or hybrid plasmonic waveguide.
I have tried some, but the transmission wasn’t satisfying.
I will be glad for your helps.

Hi, @ifariborz !

The main principle to follow in order to obtain low loss in plasmonic waveguide is to make the overlap the field profile with the metal part of the waveguide as low as possible. As I understand, this is very active area of electrical engineering and a series of waveguide design has been considered. For example, here is that I found through google: https://www.osapublishing.org/DirectPDFAccess/7107EAD9-CB6C-0201-7BE4AFB9F77782B2_195234/oe-18-3-2808.pdf?da=1&id=195234&seq=0&mobile=no

I appreciate your help.
Thank you :slight_smile: