Lose the override mesh range when FDTD run in background

I used the sweep to generate several .fsp files by my computer( Window 10). All of the files have the override mesh I set. Then, I submitted the files to a computing center (Linux). Some of the files missed the override mesh range. Is it because of different versions? The version of my computer is 8.17.1027. The version of the computing center is 8.11.422. Do I have any opportunity to fix it without the version update in the computing center?

Dear @shihwen

Most probably yes. 8.11 is a very old version, and it will not support the new features and in some cases might not be compatible with the newer software versions. Unfortunately, investigating the compatibility problem with very old versions will not be possible and we strongly recommend you to upgrade to the most recent version from software download center.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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