License errors - Do not Activate/Deactivate!

IMPORTANT! Do not Activate your license more than once on the same machine or Deactivate your license for any license errors.

Unless instructed by Lumerical Support.

Consider the following situations:

  • Your Academic KX, Trial or CUE license is successfully activated on your machine
  • The Floating license has been successfully activated on FlexNet license manager (either on your machine or another machine)

You are getting license errors when opening the software.

If the license has been activated before the error, Do not Activate your license again or Deactivate your license!

To resolve license issues, search the Floating Error: {code} in KX.

  • Checkout the KX article for the license error
  • Perform the suggested steps to resolve the error
  • Otherwise, if the issue persists even though you followed the instructions correctly, create a new topic and post your problem here in our Knowledge Exchange and provide us with the screenshot of the error and details on how you are obtaining or reproducing the error.

If you have not activated any license, Click YES and activate your license: