LCML - Strip waveguide based on primitive Straight Waveguide model | lcml_wg_strip_1550_basic



This strip waveguide model is developed based on the primitive Straight Waveguide element.

Example Test File

strip_waveguide_basic.icp (183.4 KB)

User Guide

lcml_wg_strip_1550_basic (wgs)

LCML: strip waveguide basic model.


Name Type
opt_1 Optical Signal
opt_2 Optical Signal


Name Default value Default unit Range
wg_length 10 um [0, 10000]

Model Development

  1. In INTERCONNECT, right click on the schematic editor window and create a compound element.

  2. Edit the compound element’s properties. Set its “model” to be “lcml_wg_strip_1550_basic” and its “prefix” to be “wgs”. Add a property “wg_length” with “Kind” of “Distance” and “Type” of “Number”. Add two optical bidirectional ports and arrange their positions.

  3. Expand the compound element, then drag and drop a Straight Waveguide element from the Element Library.

  4. Connect the ports with relays.

  5. In the setup script of the compound, write the following script commands to define the properties of the primitive Straight Waveguide element. In this particular example, the compound element reads the effective index, group index, and dispersion from a text file generated by MODE Solutions. See more details about the mode calculation and exporting results in the Model Development section on page LCML - Strip waveguide based on primitive MODE Waveguide model.

     # load data from the text file
     filename = %local path%+"/lib_data/waveguide_strip/strip_waveguide_text_results.txt";
     CN=(Np(1)+1)/2;    # use the central frequency
     loss_TE=300;        # TE mode propagation loss: 3 dB/cm
     loss_TM=200;        # TM mode propagation loss: 2 dB/cm
     setnamed('WGD_1','frequency', central_f);
     setnamed('WGD_1','orthogonal identifier 1', 1);
     setnamed('WGD_1','label 1', 'TE');
     setnamed('WGD_1','loss 1', loss_TE);
     setnamed('WGD_1','effective index 1',neff_TE);
     setnamed('WGD_1','group index 1',ng_TE);
     setnamed('WGD_1','dispersion 1',D_TE);
     setnamed('WGD_1','orthogonal identifier 2', 2);
     setnamed('WGD_1','label 2', 'TM');
     setnamed('WGD_1','loss 2', loss_TM); 
     setnamed('WGD_1','effective index 2',neff_TM);
     setnamed('WGD_1','group index 2',ng_TM);
     setnamed('WGD_1','dispersion 2',D_TM);
  6. Set icon for the compound element.


Download the simulation file strip_waveguide_basic.icp from the top of this page. In this simulation file, the basic strip waveguide is connected to and measured by an Optical Network Analyzer (ONA). Click on the “run” button and the ONA will be populated with measurement data. To view the simulation results, right click on the results and select “Visualize”.

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LCML - Strip waveguide based on primitive MODE Waveguide model | lcml_wg_strip_1550_mode