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This photodetector model is built based on the primitive elements: PIN Photodetector and LP Bessel filter.

Example Test File

lcml_pd.icp (438.8 KB)

User Guide

lcml_pd_1550 (pd)

LCML: Ge photodetector.


Name Type
opt_1 Optical Signal
ele_an Electrical Signal
ele_cat Electrical Signal

Model Development

1.In INTERCONNECT, create a compound element.

2.Add an optical port “opt_1” (left) and two electrical ports “ele_an” and “ele_cat” (right) to the compound element. Auto arrange the ports’ positions.

3.Change the “model” to be “lcml_pd_1550” and “prefix” to be “pd”.

4.Expand the compound element, drag and drop a PIN Photodetector and a LP Bessel Filter to the schematic editor. Set the filter’s cutoff frequency to 25 GHz. Set the photodetector’s central frequency to 1550 nm, responsivity to 0.8 A/W, and dark current to 1e-8 A. Arrange and connect them as shown below. The photocurrent goes to the “ele_an” port.

5.Back to the compound element and set icon.


Download the simulation file lcml_pd.icp from the top of this page. In this simulation file, an optical signal is modulated by an NRZ electrical signal and then converted to electrical signal by the photo-detector. At the end, the eye diagram is measured by an Eye Diagram analyzer.

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