LCML - CW laser source based on primitive CW Laser model | lcml_ld_cw_1550



This continuous wave (CW) laser model is built based on the primitive CW Laser element.

Example Test File

ld_cw_basic.icp (146.0 KB)

User Guide

lcml_ld_cw_1550 (ld)

LCML: simple CW laser source.


Name Type
opt_1 Optical Signal


Name Default value Default unit Range
frequency 193.1 THz*
*std. unit is Hz
[1e-112, 1e+88]
power 1 mW*
*std. unit is W
[0.001, 1000]
linewidth 0 MHz*
*std. unit is Hz
[0, 1000]
phase 0 rad [1e-100, 1e+100]

Model Development

This element is a compound element that contains the primitive CW Laser element. Several properties are added to the compound to allow users to control the laser, as listed in the table below.

Name Kind Type Value (default) Unit Category
frequency Frequency Number 193.1 THz Laser
power Power Number 1 mW Laser
linewidth Frequency Number 0 MHz Laser

These property values are inherited by the underlying CW Laser element through the setup scripts of the compound element.

setnamed('CWL_1','power', power);
setnamed('CWL_1','linewidth', linewidth);


Download the simulation file ld_cw_basic.icp from the top of this page. In this simulation file, the laser is connected to and measured by an Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA). The laser linewidth is set to be 1 MHz in the example file. Click on the “run” button and the OSA will be populated with measurement data. To view the simulation results, right click on the results and select “Visualize”.

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