layout of silicon photonics

Hello all

I have a question about laying out. If I can generate .gds file using any product of Lumerical (FDTD, MODE, INTERCONNECT), so why to use KLayout or Mentor graphics (like what hppened in silicon photonic course in edx)?

why not fabricating the gds files from lumerical ?

Hi @omnia.nawwar,

I am not totally sure that my answer is correct, but you have to use script (at least by now) to export gds, and our products don’t support layer-design. Also Klayout and Mentor graphics have DRC checking rules, which is more convenient. Our products work very well to characterize and validate the layout design before putting it into fabrication, as in the edx course.

I hope this could help :slight_smile:


Thank you. Yes it does help to make things clear.