I can’t run the sweep data. But, the circuit can run. Kindly check the below file;

Testing_data_without_run.icp (646.0 KB)

When I try to run sweep data, it’s continue run but it’s stay at 56%. As below figure:

How to make sure the sweep data can run. Because I want to get of plot power vs. current. Please guide.

Thank You.


Hi @kalaivani.tarumaraja,

The sweep runs properly. It seems to be stuck at 56% because the simulation takes time to run. The first 56% of the sweep saves the iterations and the rest of the sweep runs the iterations and saves the data. Please give it some more time and let me know if the progress bar still cannot go to 100%.


Hi Gwang,

Oh. YES. It’s took one(1) hour ++ to complete it. Is there has any other way to make simulation faster or can use script to run the data besides using “sweep” process??

Please guide & advice.



Hi @kalaivani.tarumaraja,

You can use for loops to achieve the sweep purpose and it will save you the time of file saving and data loading. However, compares to the actual running process of the simulation, this time is not very significant. To accelerate the simulation process, we’ve developed the parallel calculation in INTERCONNECT using multiple processors, and this will be available in the coming major release late next month. I will definitely keep you posted when this will be available.