Laser Fabry-perot


Base on an example; (
I can’t get the result as below figure;

Result that I get as below figure;

The result not tele. Gain not start from zero ‘0’. What data need to modify to get the same result as an example??

Hope to receive the feedback as soon as possible.

Please advice.

Thank You.

Hi, @kalaivani.tarumaraja !

Could you upload the simulation that gave the improper dependence?

Hi Msaygin,

Yes can. Attached it. It’s from example data(.icp).

TWLMexampleLaserFP300umCF353THzR3R3nel100(2).icp (296.5 KB)


Hi Kalai,

I am facing similar problem, do you find the way to start gain from zero?

Please let me know. How to do it.

Hi @kalaivani.tarumaraja & @116220676,

You will have to tweak the gain parameters to make the gain spectrum starts from 0 (e.g., the “gain shape quality factor”). Please refer to the following page for more information: