Job manager not indicating progress


Since installing the newest release (Lumerical 2019b R1) the job manager for DGTD files no longer displays any progress. Is this a bug? The file runs as before, but simply there is no indication of the progress being made (see the below image). Once complete the log file shows the completed progress as before. To reiterate, the simulation runs as before, it is only the job manager display window that is different to before. I’ve found the same issue on three computers all running Windows 10.

Hey @ie5003_allison,

You are correct this is a known bug. It has been identified and will be fixed in the next release.

I understand that the behavior is annoying, so you may want to use a previous version. Otherwise you can just wait until the end of the simulation. The only thing being effected is updates to the job manager , but the information dumped at the end is correct…



Thanks. It’s not too inconvenient for me right now, so it’s no problem using the software as it is until the bug is fixed.

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