Job Engine error

When i am applying voltage i am facing the following problem… Even when i am calling device file in mode np density is showing same effect for all the voltage.
5–1000.ldev (6.6 MB)

Hi @phd1601202001, can you please check the file you’ve shared. When I opened it I did not see any simulation region in the objects tree.

EVE-10.07.ldev (7.1 MB)

Sir i have already sent my file… please reply as soon as possible.

please reply me as soon as possible

Hi @phd1601202001, Thank you for updating your file. I have taken a look at it and one issue that I can see is that all of your boundary conditions are named “electric contact”. It is important to have different names for the different contacts so that the solver can identify them and report the data properly. One other think I wanted to mention is that it looks like you have a multi-quantum-well type of structure with alternate layers of larger and small bandgap materials. Please note that the CHARGE solver does not calculate quantum mechanical transport and therefore any quantum effect in the structure will not ignored. When I changed the contact names to unique ones and ran the simulation (I only simulated half the structure since it is symmetric) it ran fine without any error. However the current was extremely small (basically zero) because of the large bandgap layers in your structure.