J point in triangular photonic crystal


Hello, All.

I want to see the resonance frequency at J point in triangular photonic crystal (Fig.1).
Please tell me the plan for this.

Fig.1 Triangular photonic crystal and the band structure
(“Multidirectionally distributed feedback photonic crystal lasers”, Masahiro Imada, et al., PHYSICAL REVIEW B, VOLUME 65, 195306 (2002))


Hi @d8822002

We have plenty of examples on how to calculate the bandstructure of photonic crystals:

For every specific point in the bandstructure, you need to set the corresponding kx, ky, and kz values from the FDTD->Bloch boundary conditions tab and then use DFT monitors to capture the field profile similar to what we have done in this example:


Thank you, for your answer.

First, I calculated the bandstructure of Fig.1.
The result is Fig.2.

Fig.2 The result of calculating the bandstructure

Next, I calculate the resonance frequency at J point [Fig.3].
The result is Fig.4.

Fig.3 FDTD boundary condition

Fig.4 The resonance frequency

These resonance frequency spectrum should match with Fig.2, but it does not match.


Hi @d8822002

Did you obtain Figure 2 from the simulations? If yes, Figure 2 essentially uses data from Fig.4 and I am surprised why they are not the same. One possibility is that you are using a smller num-band in the script used for post processing. Please share your simulation files for a review if you still had any problem.