Issue with freshly-installed DEVICE and thermal tuning example



I can’t run my first DEVICE example on a newly-installed lumerical.

To be specific, I have a trial version and the DEVICE package has been installed all right on Windows 7 (64 bit version).
However, when trying to run the thermal tuning waveguide example the job manager writes “Engine Error - Right Click for Details”. Clicking gives the following:

“C:\Program Files\Microsoft MPI\Bin\mpiexec.exe” -n 1 “C:\Program Files\Lumerical\DEVICE\bin\thermal-engine-msmpi.exe” “C:/Users/miha/Desktop/thermal_tuning_waveguide_2D.ldev”

To resolve the problem I’ve restarted Flexnet service several times - no luck. Could you please give me a hint on how to treat this?


Which version of DEVICE ware you using? You can check this from the “Help” menu by selecting “About”. We have recently released a bugfix (DEVICE v.5.0.716) for the last release. If you are using an older version then I would recommend upgrading to the bugfix version. You can download the installer from here.

If you are using the latest version then as a next step, try to run some other example file from our knowledge base. Since you are interested in the thermal solver, try running the example files from one of the following examples: Ohmic Heating, Heat Flow in Solids. If none of the files run then you probably have an issue with your installation (or license) and we can deal with that in the next step.


I am using the version 5.0.716.
Actually, the same problem occured with FDTD package.
However, the Eigenmode solver of Mode Solution works all right.


The other examples also yield engine error.


Thank you for your post. The details from the error prompt does not provide sufficient information unfortunately. However, based on the supplemental information provided, I believe one possible cause may be due to the MPI component not being installed successfully through the bundled installation. To resolve this, we can verify whether re-installing the component manually may work for us. As of the 2016A release, Microsoft MPI has been introduced as the default utility for Windows-based workstations, with MPICH2-Nemesis also available as an alternate solution. MPICH2 is still the default utility for Linux and Mac OSX platforms.

To install the components manually, we can locate the utility’s installation files in the unzipped downloaded product package.

After we have verified the successful installation of either, or both components, we can test and verify the setting through the product Resource Configuration options and selecting the preferred MPI option to use.

Please feel free to verify this solution and let us know how it may work out for you.


The problem holds both with Microsoft MPI and MPICH2.
When MPICH2 option was used for the first time, a registration was required.
For this, I registered with a username and a password - no luck.


When the registration prompt pops up, you need to use the username and password for the windows user account that you are logged in.


I works in that at least the configuration test is past.
However, running the program gives no result.
The log file says:

Error: Another user is currently using the license for this software.
Would you like to reconfigure your license settings?, Response: No
License error: Another user is currently using the license for this software.
Error: there was a failure with the license. Process number: 0 had this error

Before that I’ve deleted previous accounts and registered the one with corresponding username and password.


Thank you for the update @ekotikov. Is it possible that someone may be using the license at the same time, or is the license used just by yourself? One test we can try, would be to restart the license manager (if you have a Floating license). This should return all licenses back to the license manager. Restarting the workstation (on which the license manager is installed) will essentially do the same also. Instructions on how to restart the license manager is outlined in the following Knowledge Base article:

Although unlikely, another possible setting we can verify would be the option file, which allows management of access to the license(s). Information on this is outlined here:

Please feel free to verify these suggestions and advise if the issue should persist. If so, please message directly with the following information, and we can investigate further. Thank you.