Issue using setup script in model


I recently noticed an issue in device when using the setup script. When using the addmesh command, the mesh that is added is a mode/fdtd mesh (the mesh override is specified in terms of equivalent index or dx,dy,dz). When I first saw this I did not think anything of it; however it has become clear that these do not affect that actual mesh when running the simulations. Similarly the addmeshconstraint command does not seem to work so it does not seem possible to override the mesh when using a setup script. I’ve check a few things such as unchecking the construction object group and adding a mesh override manually however this causes device to crash everytime whether I click the icon or I type addmesh into the command line(a snapshot is below). Using addmesh from the command line in a new project does work, but for some reason putting it in the model setup script does not work.


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Hi. You might be experiencing a bug that has already been fixed. I have re-checked the addmesh command in the latest version of DEVICE and the command adds the correct mesh override region under the CHARGE solver. Please note that since the introduction of the HEAT solver in DEVICE, there are now two types of mesh overrides in DEVICE. One for the CHARGE solver and the other for the HEAT solver. The commands to add a mesh override region to each of the solvers is as follows,

CHARGE solver: addchargemesh
HEAT solver: addheatmesh

NOTE: A solver region must be present in the model tree before the corresponding mesh override object can be added.

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p.s. Can you please let me know which version of DEVICE you are currently running?

I just updated to the latest version right before I posted this and still got the error. I will try the addchargemesh to see how that works. When you used the addmesh command did you try in both the script prompt and model script setup? For me, it worked correctly in the script prompt but not in the model setup script.

Also another issue I noticed is that the test function seems to throw the error “no object selected” when adding a monitor and changing its properties. Regardless, the monitor shows up and the entire script runs. This is a small issue as it makes it difficult to find errors past that point, since the test output stops there.

You are right. I checked the addmesh command from the script prompt but not from the model setup script. Now that I have checked it, I can reproduce the issue you mentioned. None of the mesh commands work in the model script. I have reported this to the developers and hopefully this will be fixed in the next update of the solver. Thanks a lot for bringing this to our attention!

The issue with the monitor in the model script had already been reported to the developers and hopefully it will get fixed along with the other one.