Is there a way to lower the priority of my FDTD simulations so they run in the background?


I would like to lower the priority of the FDTD simulations running on my computer so they run in the

background without interfering with or slowing down other applications that are running at the same

time on the computer. Is there a way to do this from the graphical interface of FDTD Solutions?

I am running FDTD version 8.12 on a Windows 7, x64 bit computer.


Hi @aya_zaki, I think what you are looking for is a way to restrict the amount of computational resourse FDTD uses so that the other applications can run properly. You can do this from the ‘Resource configuration’ window which can be accessed by clicking the ‘Resources’ button. In the ‘Resource configuration’ window, you can set the number of processes FDTD will use. For example, if you have 12 cores (processes) in your computer, you can restrict FDTD to use only (say) 6 cores which will keep half of your computational resources free for other applications.
You can learn more about the resource manager from the following page in our knowledge base:


Ahsan’s suggestion is certainly one way to make more computing resources available to other processes running on your computer. Another option is to lower the priority of the FDTD engine relative to other applications running on the computer. This approach allows FDTD to run in the background without slowing down other applications. The advantage of this approach is that when the other applications are idle, FDTD still has access to all of CPU cores. For detailed instructions, see: