Is there a tunable laser source in INTERCONNECT?



Specifically, I want to create a laser and sweep its wavelength as a function of time.

How to view the results of example biosensor.

There is no build in time dependent wavelength tunable laser in INTERCONNECT’s element library, but you can build one based on some scripted elements yourself. The basic idea here is to add an extra time dependent phase term to a build in CW Laser and then tune this extra phase term so that the central wavelength of the laser is tuned. One way to do this is to connect the CW Laser source to an Optical Modulator Scripted element and then add a time dependent driving signal to the modulator, this method is illustrated in the attached file tunable_laser_1.icp. The first circuit in the file has a phase tuning term which is linearly proportional to time and the second circuit has a phase tuning term as a step function of time.
tunable_laser_1.icp (304.7 KB)

You could also combine the laser source and the modulator to one item and use the Scripted Optical Source element to build the tunable laser source. The working principle is the same. This method is illustrated in the attached file tunable_laser_2.icp.
tunable_laser_2.icp (187.9 KB)