Is it possible to run FDTD simulations on a cluster?



Is it possible to run FDTD simulation on a cluster? I have access to several cluster computing environments and am interested in using them to run my simulations more quickly. Is this possible?

More information on hardware specifications.

Installing and configuring FDTD Solutions on a cluster is certainly possible, assuming the cluster uses a supported operating system and computing hardware (eg. RHEL 6 with Intel x86 based processors). See the following link for more information on supported operating systems:

After confirming the OS and hardware are supported, I recommend working with your system administrator to install and configure FDTD Solutions on your cluster. The following instructions may be helpful:

Finally, it is worth remembering that deploying software on complex computing platforms is more challenging that installing on a single desktop computer. It is recommended that you work with an experienced system administrator to deploy and configure FDTD Solutions on your cluster. Ideally, your administrator should be familiar issues such as software licensing, running distributed jobs using MPI, and using job schedulers. If you have specific questions about any of these issues, please post them as a separate thread.