Is it possible to run a script (.lsf) file on a cluster?

I have my script file to define my structures and run some simulations, is it possible to run a lsf file on a cluster?

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Yes. It is possible to run script (.lsf) files in a cluster. The following page on KB discusses how to run script files from the command prompt in different operating systems: Running Simulations.
However, one thing to keep in mind is that running a script (.lsf) file required a CAD/GUI license even if the user is not opening up a new window (using the -nw option). If the cluster only has engine license (which is more common), it will not be able to run a script (.lsf) file.
For more details on cluster setup, please refer to these pages in KB: Windows, Linux.


Duk again
My local computer have CAD license, though.


Hi, Aalam
I want to run some optimization in the cluster. I saw in the KB parameter sweep can be done by saving it as a file and submitting to the cluster. But I could not find the way for optimization.
Actually writing and submitting a script was another thought; but as you mentioned I have no CAD license, only FDTD engine. Is there another way I can do the optimization in the cluster?



Hi Duk, as you already know any time you need to use script, you need a CAD license (which I am guessing you do not have in your cluster). When you are doing a simple parameter sweep, you can get around this by generating the files beforehand (in your own computer with CAD license) and then submitting them to the cluster. Unfortunately since an optimization task requires updating the setup according to the results from past simulations, there is no way to generate all necessary files beforehand.

If your cluster provides you will some way to automatize the process of file submission and recovery, then you may have a workaround. In such a case, you can probably create a batch file in your computer to create some initial simulation files, send and run them in the cluster, get the results from the cluster, create a new group of files based on the results (in your computer) and send them off again to the cluster.

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Hi aalam

it seems that the only option left for us is using a batch file to send and fetch files between cluster and desktop to do the optimization.

But I can’t find the similar example in KX, could help me find some example regarding this, or could you show me how to do that?