Is it possible to define complex refractive index?


If I have some material, whose refractive index is complex i.e. 3.63+0.06*i at some wavelength suppose 632 nm , than How can I can I defined this ?
I mean, Is it possible to defined complex refractive index ?

Complex-valued functions for index in object defined dielectric material

Hi Vishal,

Yes, it is possible to create a material with a given complex refractive index. There are two material models that you could use:

  • n, k material: This model allows you to set one value for the real and imaginary parts of the refractive index. This would be useful if you are interested in one wavelength only, or if the dispersion in the range of wavelengths of interested is small.
  • sampled data material: This model allows you to import a a set of complex refractive index values for different wavelengths.

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