Is it correct for my simulated photonic bandgap structure?


dear sir,
I simulated the photonic crystal band structure based published paper. The paper, Simulation setup (fdtd) and obtained band structure results are attachment. It seems the band structure is not correct. because no bandgap observed. why?
Could you help me at your earliest convenience? I am looking forPCF-bandstructure.fsp (1.7 MB)
PCF-bandstructure.lsf (2.8 KB)
2016-josk-Highly Birefringent and Dispersion Compensating Photonic Crystal Fiber.pdf (2.3 MB)
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How to calculate the photonic bandstructure of highly birefringence PCF?

@zhanqianghui Hi,
I think the Sio2 layer which has effect on the result. Change it to a constant refractive index for example 1.45 and change source polarization 90 degree for TE bandsturcture


Dear m.dezyani
According to your advice, first, we change refractive index to 1.45. second, we calculated photonic bandstructure for TE (theta=90 degree) and TM (theta=0 degree),respectively. and obtained bandstructure results for TE and TM. Simulation setup (fdtd) and obtained band structure results (TE and TM) are attachment.
I am confused about the results. Would you help me check it and tell me Is it correct at your convenience?
Any help are appreciated. Best regards!

PCF-bandstructure.fsp (1.7 MB)


I changed the background index to 3.45. I found the bandgap.

File:PC-mod.fsp (1.7 MB)
script.lsf (2.8 KB)


In many kinds of literature is used silicon core.