Interop and Automation API license activation



Where do we activate the InterOp or the Automation API license?

  1. To be able to use interop and integration API, the licenses for these features should be activated on the same license manager where Lumerical’s design software is acquiring or checking out the license.
  • For example our INTERCONNECT license is activated on a different computer with HostName, LicenseServer01, then the interop license should also be activated on the LicenseServer01 machine, not on the local machine running INTERCONNECT.

  • If we want to use Python with FDTD Solutions, and the license for FDTD is activated on the local desktop where we are running FDTD Solutions, then the automation API license for Python should be activated on the same local desktop.

  • The license models cannot be mixed and match. If we have a Floating license for INTERCONNECT or FDTD Solution then the interop or API license should also be a Floating license.