Interconnects sweep crashes after setting up simulations

Hi, I am trying to run a simple parameter sweep in interconnects on Lumerical 2020a Interconnects. The device is a Mach Zehnder with the lengths of two waveguides in one of the arms varying each run (but adding to the same length).

I am interested in the transmission at a single wavelength (1550nm in this case), so started off using an ONA but could not set it to run with a single wavelength, or single data point so I moved to a CW source and power detector.

Anyway the model runs manually, however when the sweep is run it saves the simulations then errors when running them. Specifically it ‘runs’ forever, and any attempt to close it will cause the program to become unresponsive. Is this an issue with the program or the sweep?

MZI_interconnects_750um_SbSe_cry.icp (217.1 KB)

Hi @md12g12,

You need to change the parameter types from “Number” (which is unitless) to “Length (m)” if the parameters are lengths:

Remember to change the “Start” and “Stop” values to meters.

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