Interconnect parameter sweep


I was using INTERCONNECT to do parameter sweep. Here attached the code I wrote:

setsweep(‘sweep’, ‘name’, ‘C2_CR’);
setsweep(‘C2_CR’, ‘Type’, ‘Ranges’);
setsweep(‘C2_CR’, ‘Number of points’, 10);

define the parameter coupling ratio

para = struct;
para.Name = “C2R”;
para.Parameter = “::Root Element::C_2::coupling coefficient 1”;
para.Type = “Number”;
para.Start = 0
para.Stop = 1;

add the parameter thickness to the sweep

addsweepparameter(“C2_CR”, para);

define results

result_1 = struct;
result_1.Name = “T”;
result_1.Result = “input 1/mode 1/peak/transmission”;

add the results T to the sweep

addsweepresult(“C2_CR”, result_1);

However, after I running the sweep, the software just closes itself. There isn’t a little matrix showing up on the sweep icon afterward (which normally suggests that there are results in the sweep). However, there are indeed ten different files appearing in the folder.

Could you let me know the reason for it?

Thank you,

Hello @deng.mao,

I don’t see any obvious reasons why this script would cause a crash. Would you be willing to provide the simulation files so I could replicate this issue?

Hi @kjohnson,

Here attached the simulation file.
Exp2.icp (115.9 KB)

Thank you for your help,

Hello @deng.mao,

Thank you for sharing your file. I believe that your file is crashing because the result is invalid, please try changing the “result_1.Result” variable to “::Root Element::ONA_1::input 1/mode 1/peak/transmission”.

Hi @kjohnson.

By giving the result correct path did solve the problem.

Thank you very much,

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