Intensity vs frequency spectra

I am having problem in obtaining intensity vs frequency spectra of the scattered light by some scatterers. I have attached my file here. I put a TFSF source (wavelength=0.4 micrometer) to study only the scattered field. In principle, for the source, I should get a sharp peak at this wavelength (or frequency) but how to plot it in FDTD? Similarly I also want to plot the scattered field (for a source with broad spectrum) in the same wayscatterer.fsp (281.7 KB) . So is there any general way to plot Intensity vs frequency (or wavelength) spectra from monitors? Also which monitor should I choose?

Hello @ayan,

Thank you for the question. I would recommend you take a look at our particle and surface scattering examples to see how to obtain these results. In particular you may be interested in the PSL and Cu Sphere Scattering example, which I believe is similar to your simulation. Another helpful resource is the tips and best practices when using the FDTD TFSF source page.

The results you get from the monitors can be visualized by right clicking on the fields in the Results View and selecting “Visualize”. You should use a “frequency domain field and power monitor” to obtain transmission results.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Kyle – thanks for the answer. However, I recently changed the recipient of your support emails to Sauvik Roy – my grad student directly involved in this problem. Can you get in touch with him in the future for further communications?