Integration with Matlab


Hi, I am trying to use coordinates generated in Matlab to draw on FDTD. However, my matlab script calls some other functions written in Matlab, and the FDTD could not read it. Could you please suggest how to solve this problem? Thanks!


Hi @ying.luo
First of all, you have to follow all the instructions about “Matlab integration setup”. All the instructions are from Lumerical’s knowledge base. Here you can find the “Interoperability commands” from the knowledge base. Also, it would be useful to check the following “MATLAB script integration” example.



Thank you for the response.
Yes, the matlab integration setup is fine. I was able to draw simple structures generated by Matlab to FDTD. But when I tried to import a text file to Matlab, and then do the post-data process there, FDTD will not allow me to do that. Could you please advise what to do?



Hi @ying.luo
Sorry for the delay. @gwang has uploaded some very good tips about integration with MATLAB. How to integrate Lumerical script and MATLAB
If you still have problems with your issue, then lets investigate it further.


Hi Konslekk,

Thank you for the tips. The problem has been fixed now.