Installing on unsupported operating system Windows XP


Lumerical no longer supports Windows XP (or similar operating systems such as Windows Server 2003). See 2015 May for details. We recommend customers upgrade to a supported operating system. Lumerical no longer provides technical support for installation issues on Windows XP.

Customers attempting to install the 2016a product versions (eg. FDTD 8.15) will experience the following error during the product installation. Microsoft MPI, used for job launching, no longer supports Windows XP.

A work around for this particular problem does exist. Rather than running the ‘FDTD_Solutions_Installer.exe’ application, run the ‘LFS_data.msi’ file. You will also need to install MPICH2, and possibly DotNetFX35 and vc8redist. Once these components are installed and a product license is available, the software may run. The final step is to reconfigure the software to use MPICH2 for job launching, rather than Microsoft MPI. See the screenshot below.

As mentioned above, Win XP is no longer supported by Lumerical’s software. Customers are strongly encouraged to upgrade to a supported operating system. Future versions of Lumerical’s may not run at all on Windows XP.