Installing on Ubuntu - Alien freezes


I have just received a trial licence via mail and I am currently trying to install FDTD Lumerical on my Ubuntu machine.
I am following the procedure on your site (, but I had to stop quite soon since alien appears to freeze when I try to convert the RPM file to a Ubuntu DEB package. No error shows up on the terminal, it just keeps going on.

A DEB file actually appears in the folder, but the package seems to be broken, so I cannot install it anyway.

Has anyone ever encountered the same issue? Am I doing anything wrong?
Right now I have no other pc available, so I cannot try to do the conversion on any other computer.


Hello @daniele.aurelio01,


Looking at the manual page of alien, it does have the --verbose and --veryverbose option where very detailed progress info would be printed. The conversion can be slow indeed, even at these verbose levels, but it does show some reassurance.