Installing on Ubuntu - Alien freezes




I have just received a trial licence via mail and I am currently trying to install FDTD Lumerical on my Ubuntu machine.
I am following the procedure on your site (, but I had to stop quite soon since alien appears to freeze when I try to convert the RPM file to a Ubuntu DEB package. No error shows up on the terminal, it just keeps going on.

A DEB file actually appears in the folder, but the package seems to be broken, so I cannot install it anyway.

Has anyone ever encountered the same issue? Am I doing anything wrong?
Right now I have no other pc available, so I cannot try to do the conversion on any other computer.


Unable to start license manager on Debian (Ubuntu) Linux

Hello @daniele.aurelio01,

Thank you for your post, and for verifying the installation procedure on Ubuntu systems. As the article you have referenced to suggests, Ubuntu is not one of the officially supported platforms to run Lumerical products on. However, with a little extra effort, it is possible to get the product installed and running. Please note the other caveat mentioned in the referenced article, indicating that the License Manager required to host the trial license will need to be installed on a physical server running a supported platform.

I have found the following method to work consistently well in getting the product (FDTD in this case) installed on Ubuntu:
1.) Download the FDTD Solutions installation package for Linux

2.) Extract the compressed installation package of FDTD Solutions:
tar -zxf DownloadedFile (i.e. tar -zxf FDTD_Solutions-8.16.871.tar.gz)

3.) Navigate to the directory of the unpacked rpm install files folder created (it may be useful to open up a file browser window in addition to the command line terminal window as a visual cue for the next step)

4.) Use Alien to convert the RPM file:
sudo alien -k FDTD-8.16.871-1…x86_64.rpm
It’s not unusual for this process to take quite some time (up to ~10 minutes). Using a file browser window as a visual cue, we may see an FDTD-version folder in addition to the RPM file, as well as the generated DEB file in progress.
After the process completes, the FDTD-version folder will be removed leaving the created DEB file and original RPM, and the command prompt proceeds to a new line with confirmation that the DEB file has been generated.

Still running:


5.) Install the DEB package:
sudo dpkg -i fdtd-solutions_8.16.871-1_all.deb

Please note that after successful installation of the product, we may receive dependency library missing messages when trying to run FDTD, commonly the libxmlsec files, which can be resolved by installing the missing library:
sudo apt-get install libxml…
Please refer to the following discussion posting for suggestions on how to resolve these manually, if required.


Looking at the manual page of alien, it does have the --verbose and --veryverbose option where very detailed progress info would be printed. The conversion can be slow indeed, even at these verbose levels, but it does show some reassurance.