Installing multiple versions of Lumerical

Installing multiple versions of Lumerical on a supported Windows or Linux machine.

NOTE: Only major release versions can be installed separately. Minor release versions will automatically replace the existing version. (see example below)

Installation procedure

Install using the default install process for each major release.


  • You have 2019b R6 installed on your machine. Install 2020a R4 as shown on the installation guide and it will automatically install this version on a different location and will not affect the previous major release version, 2019b R6.
  • On the other hand, if you have 2020a R2 on your machine, installing 2020a R4 will automatically replace R2.

If you have legacy Lumerical products, installing the latest versions (2019a and newer) will not affect these legacy products and you have the option to retain these on your machine. Just uncheck the option to uninstall previous versions when prompted during the installation process.