Installation without Root Access and non-graphical mode



I would like to install FDTD software in the supercomputing center, but they are non-graphics Linux system and can not connect to the Internet. Worse, I can not get administrator privileges on their system. The current situation is that I have only one floating license to think about. I would like to install it in a supercomputing center system, using multiple nodes to emulate a large file.
My current difficulty is:
How do i install Flexnet license manager and FDTD on Linux systems that are not graphics, do not have administrator privileges, and can not connect to the Internet.
My current question is:
If I do not install Flexnet license manager, just install FDTD. In the case of only one floating license, multiple nodes are used to simulate a large file at the supercomputing center.

Unable to deactivate license and activate on Linux via command line