Installation on Windows Server 2012



This post provides some tips for installing Lumerical’s software on Win Server 2012.

This was tested on a clean Windows Server 2012 image from Amazon’s EC2 cloud service. Depending on the configuration of your system, your installation process may be different.

1. We will disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration
This is is optional, but will be required if you are using Internet Explorer to download the installation Lumerical’s installation package from the Lumerical downloads page on our website.

> Server Manager > Local Server > IE enhance Security Configuration

Turn off for Administrators

2. We enable Microsoft DotNet Framework

> Server Manager > Dashboard > (2) Add roles and features

Click on Next until we get to the Features section and Check on the .Net Framework 3.5 Features

3. For Floating License Models, download and install Lumerical license manager as outlined on the link below:
Lumerical FlexNet license manager installation

4. For Node Lock license, install and activate your Lumerical Photonic Design Software as discussed on the link below:
Lumerical Photonic Design Software Installation

Login / Registration required to download the installation package from our website.

Install Microsoft .Net feature on windows systems