Installation fail for FlexLM 1.7.1049

Hi, I tried to update latest FlexLM in our server which has CentOS 5.7.

However, I have failed to install this program as shown in capture below

They say, “Missing dependency:”.

I found that yum install only has GLIBC_2.5.

Is there any way to install new FlexLM without installing new version OS?

Unfortunately, New 2017 release does not support CentOS 5. and below. If you unable to upgrade operating system, you will have to use older version of the product and License manager.

Do you have any plan to expand supporting OS for lower version?

I think using old license manager would not be good, because we cannot use latest tools.

Hi minkyu226,

Sorry, but moving forward, older versions of the operating system will not be supported. We suggest to upgrade your version of the OS to be able to use future releases of Lumerical’s photonic design software.

Thank you.